Thursday, May 13, 2010

National Women's Health Week

This is National Women's Health Week.
Please take the time to visit these links for tips on good health.
Our lives are so busy, we all tend to take our health for granted- sometimes until it's too late...
Take care of yourselves out there.....

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition

Also- visit these great companies who are donating for research for Ovarian Cancer..

Loreal Color of Hope

Electrolux and Kelly Ripa


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(written September of 2005) I have learned much in the last nine months. I have read that ovarian cancer whispers. I say it screams. It just needs someone to listen. The American Cancer Society statistics for ovarian cancer estimate that there will be 22,220 new cases and 16,210 deaths in 2005. This is a death rate FOUR TIMES that of breast cancer.Almost 70 percent of women with the common epithelial ovarian cancer are not diagnosed until the disease is advanced in stage. The 5-year survival rate for these women is only 15 to 20 percent. This is unacceptable. Women need to be made more aware of the symptoms, and doctors need to listen to their patients. Especially when the patient tells them that they fear they have ovca, as my mother did for almost a year before she was finally diagnosed. It’s so sad and senseless when a woman knows the symptoms but can’t get anyone to listen to what she is saying.