Saturday, January 01, 2005

she just likes to torture her patients............

I called Dad on his cell as soon as I got up this morning. He went back to the hospital around 5a.m. to make sure he was there when mom's doctor came in. The doctor hadn't been in yet. He was in a waiting room area because mom and her roommate were getting "baths" and he wasn't allowed in the room. Understandable. He said it had been quite awhile.

Mom had her cell phone at her bedside, so I called to see how it was going. They had taken her oxygen off, had her sit up on the side of her bed, gave her a basin of water, and left her. She could barely talk because she was so short of breath, and was in a lot of pain from sitting so long with no support for her back.

I called dad back and told him to find her nurse because there was no longer anyone in the room with her. He had assumed all this time that the nurse was still there helping her, when in fact there was no one helping her at all.

He told me he was ready to carry her out and drive her to another hospital. I told him to hang on and I would make some calls.

I started by trying to call the doctor that should've been in to see mom already this morning. (The doctor who has said for the last two days that she could not reach Dr. L who dismissed mom from the hospital where she had her surgery.) The instructions on her office answering machine said to have her paged through the hospital operator. I did this and they said they would page her and give her my number. I then called the hospital that mom had her surgery at. I knew that being a holiday and a Saturday, I probably wouldn't reach the doctor who did her surgery, but I needed to talk to someone on the service.

After explaining the problem, and being transferred several times, I reached a nurse that told me she would contact mom's doctor. She took my number and promised to call me back.

Just a few minutes later, the nurse called back and said Dr.L wanted the name of the local doctor and how to reach her. I gave her the information, and again she promised to call me back.

A little background on the local doctor- She and her husband are both doctors who work out of the same office, and sometimes see each other's patients.

About twenty minutes went by and the nurse called me back and said Dr. L had been connected to a nurse on the floor where MR. Local doctor was. When he was told who was on the phone and why, he stated that he wouldn't talk to her. He said she would have to talk to MRS. Local doctor directly. The nurse on the phone told me they put in another page to MRS. Doctor and would call me back. I gave her my cell phone number so I could leave for the hospital.

My blood pressure was now back to stroke level. I called dad and told him what was happening and he said MR. And MRS. Were now conferring in the hall down from mom's room. He said MR. Doc had finally gone into mom's room and told her he was going to try to contact Dr. L.
Funny- she was just on the phone wanting to talk to him and he refused......

As I pulled into the parking lot my phone rang and it was the nurse again. She told me that Dr. L had finally spoken to someone to arrange mom's transfer. They were arranging for an ambulance to transfer her within the next few hours. I have to say that it was very nice to speak with a nurse who kept every promise she made. She went out of her way to keep me up to date with what was happening.

When I got to mom's room she was lying down finally, but they still hadn't put her oxygen back on. She said the nurse had also made her sit on the side of the bed to eat her breakfast. I understand the concept of sitting up and why it is important. However, there are very large chairs in the rooms for the patients. Why this nurse insisted that mom sit up with no support for so long only makes me think she just likes to torture her patients... She also ran more medication into the IV line that hurt mom so bad yesterday. Mom said it didn't hurt as bad as the contrast did- but it hurt and the nurse told her there was no reason for it to hurt, and continued to run the medication. Also- the o2 line is plenty long to reach to the side of the bed so why they left it off is anyone's guess.

AND- No pain medication. At all. Today.

Thank God we are finally getting her out of here.


Anonymous Terri said...

Thank GOD you got your mom out of there is right!
What a nightmare. Unfortunately, I've worked with nurses like this dim-wit one.
And that IV hurting...sounded like it had infiltrated to me. Once again...thank God you were on top of things.

8:46 AM, September 01, 2006  

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